Vinuri Prabodhya
3 min readFeb 3, 2021

Nowadays, in data and information communication, we need to investigate the security and privacy of their data. Therefore, cryptography can be introduced as a tactic to consider these factors and avoid them. Here’s a blog post to help you understand what cryptography is, cryptography method and cryptography algorithms, and cryptographic chippers.

So firstly, I move to explain what Cryptography is.

What is Cryptography

Cryptography is a method of securely communicating information and data using a certain encryption method. This allows the data and information we exchange to be read or edit can only by the relevant sender transmitting Cryptosystem is a system that provide encryption and decryption

So, Modern cryptography concerns with:

· Confidentiality

· integrity

· Non-Repudiation

· authentication

cryptography is mainly divided into 2 parts. Such as encrypt method and decrypt method, and this is called to cryptosystem. So now I explain what is encrypt method and decrypt method.


First, I will explain what plaintext is and ciphertext.

So, plaintext is any readable data or message and Ciphertext is a data or message which are in an unreadable format.

So, Encryption is a data securing method and that method using cryptography concepts. Therefore, Encryption is the process of converting cleartext/plaintext into ciphertext.

So, let me take an example and explain it. I want to send some secret message to my friend. then I type a message and that message converts into a ciphertext for using the encryption method. so, no one can read the ciphertext and then I send my message successfully and secretly. Someone stole this message while sending it, But the message could not be read. This is because cryptocurrency and its methods can only be read or edited by those parties.


Decryption is the process of reconverting ciphertext to plaintext. It means translating the data or message we send so that it can be read again. here both encrypt and decrypt methods act as a key in some way. That is, it encodes the message we send and converts the message we send back into readable, so it’s like a key to it.

Now lets me move to another topic. So that is Cryptography algorithms.

Cryptography Algorithms

Cryptography is mainly divided into two categories. There are Symmetric-key Cryptography and Asymmetric Key Cryptography. So Symmetric Key cryptography is using the same key for encryption and decryption methods, but Asymmetric key cryptography is used for two different keys Encryption and decryption methods.

So, I will explain more about this in the next blog article and lets us move to another topic. my next topic is cryptographic ciphers.

Cryptographic Ciphers

Here we will simply explain the types of Cipher. these ciphers are about used to protect our data from any third parties.

So, I will explain more about this in another article and that article I will explain about the types of ciphers with more details and how they work.

Alrights I think this article will give you a basic idea of what is cryptography and What are the methods, algorithm and ciphers. So I will bring more details about ciphers in my next article.