Cryptography Algorithms

Vinuri Prabodhya
3 min readFeb 5, 2021

This article explains What is Cryptography Algorithms. So, my Previous article explains what cryptography is, cryptography method and cryptography algorithms, and cryptographic chippers are explained shortly. We will discuss more that in this article.

Cryptography Algorithms use to provide convert plaintext into ciphertext or ciphertext is converted into plaintext. It’s called encryption and decryption. So Plain text is a protected form of data and it can be read but ciphertext is can’t read. So, Cryptography algorithms are divided into two categories. There are Symmetric Key cryptography and asymmetric cryptography.

So, let’s we move to describe these two types.

Symmetric key Cryptography

This Above picture is viewing how to work on this type of cryptography.

Symmetric Key Cryptography provides the share of the same key to encrypt or decrypt data. Example for symmetric key cryptography includes Des, AES, and 3DES. So Symmetric ley cryptography is using the same key for data encrypt and decrypt. if we want to send some message that message is readable this. this readable message converts into ciphertext and sends it to the receiver. then the receiver knows to key and that message is reconverting to plaintext using a key. this is the process this one.

So, in the above hierarchy diagram further drilling down, symmetric-key cryptography is divided into two ways. such as Classical cryptography and Modern Cryptography and again Further drilling down, classical cryptography is dividing into transposition cipher and substitution cipher and Modern article is the divide in stream cipher and block cipher. So, I will explain about cipher in detail in the next article.

let’s us move to another cryptography algorithm. that is Asymmetric key cryptography

Asymmetric key Cryptography

The above picture shows you an outline of the process of Asymmetric cryptography.

Asymmetric key cryptography provides a key method, but these keys are not the same. these keys are different, but these two keys are mathematically related to each other. so, such that retrieving the plain text by decrypting ciphertext is feasible.

so, then I move to tell about what is the example of Asymmetric key cryptography? So, Example of Asymmetric cryptography includes RSA, Diffie–Hellman key exchange protocol, Digital Signature Standard(DSS), ECC, and DSA.

Alright, So I think this article will give you an idea of cryptography Algorithms So I will bring more details about ciphers in my next article.