Differences between Symmetric key Encryption and Asymmetric key Encryption

Vinuri Prabodhya
2 min readFeb 5, 2021

This article explains What are the differences between Symmetric key encryption and asymmetric encryption. So, my Previous article explains cryptography algorithms. Now lets me start to explain this topic.

So first I will divide between these 2 different types of encryption and what to look for. there are main looking point and features in this type and such as Number of keys, Authentication, performance, Complexity, Usage, security and so and so.

Let us now consider these qualities and let's find out the difference between these features in Symmetric key encryption and asymmetric key encryption.

Number of keys

Symmetric key encryption is using the same key provide for encryption and decryption. but asymmetric key encryption is using a different key to provide encrypt and decrypt data.


So symmetric key encryption has a message authentication code method and asymmetric key encryption has a digital signature method for authenticating.


Symmetric key encryption has a simple technique complexity is medium. but Asymmetric key encryption has a much more complicated process and complexity is high.


The secret key is sharing and that is a very big issue for security and that is very risky. but asymmetric key encryption is using a private key and that private key is not sharing with others. therefore, this type is an easy and secure method for data transferring.

Speed of Execution

the symmetric key encryption process can be carried out very quickly, but the asymmetric key-encryption process is slower than symmetric key encryption.


Symmetric key encryption is mostly used for large chunks of data transactions and asymmetric key encryption is used for smaller data transactions.

key size

Symmetric key encryption keys are used for 128bits or 256bits length of keys. so asymmetric key encryption is using many length keys.(RSA key size=2048bits or higher)

So, I think this article will give you an idea of what are the difference of symmetric key encryption and asymmetric key encryption So I will bring more details about ciphers in my next article.